A real revolution! "Power Chord Limit" will no longer be a limitation in your playing!

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(the set level of distortion is approximately the same, yet the sound is completely different)

Standard guitar pickup + effect Overdrive (OD)

Harmonic signals from all strings are summed by one pickup coil and amplified / distorted in non-linear Overdrive circuits. The output signal contains many harmonic and non-harmonic frequencies, whose content and ratio depend on the shape and level of the input signal. Therefore, only certain combinations of tones, so-called "power chords", can be used. At the same time, weaker signals are suppressed.

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New R66Mk6C - Guitar pickup with separate sensor coils and six-channel voltage-controlled Overdrive

The harmonic signal from each string is first amplified and distorted by a two-stage VCOD (voltage-controlled overdrive) before all the signals are added together. The resulting signal is quite different, it contains many harmonic frequencies and strong signals do not suppress weak signals. The "power chord limit" does not apply and basically it is possible to play whole chords in the same way as without distortion. The result is (despite relatively large distortion) a very clear and rich sound and long sustain.

Audio samples

R66Mk6C - Guitar pickup  construction

This guitar pickup is built into a metal housing with the dimensions of a standard humbucker. The pickup coil system is filled with polyurethane resin and above it are two printed circuit boards with SMD. The bottom board contains the six two-stage VCODs (voltage-controlled overdrive), the top board contains the output sensor amplifier, filters and auxiliary circuits.

The guitar pickup is equipped with several adjustable elements that are used to individually adjust the sound according to the user's preferences (see section ''Pickup adjustment elements''). Furthermore, it is possible to modify the pickup during production to suit individual needs - it is mainly the setting of the amount of the harmonic frequencies, both for all strings simultaneously and for each string separately.

R66Mk6C guitar pickup in XFrame holder.

  R66Mk6C guitar pickup technical parameters

  • Magnets : Rare Earth FeNdB (N-40H)
  • Magnetic field strength : approx. 35mT (at a distance of approx. 2 mm)
  • Power supply : 9V (max. 18V)
  • Current : 5mA (typ.)
  • Output impedance : 4.5kOhm II 3.3nF (LPF)
  • String spacing : 10.2mm (0.402¨)
  • Battery lifetime  : up to 100 hours (depends on battery capacity)

   Pickup adjustment elements

  1. Output connector (EMG® compatible)
  2. Connector for control of 2nd stage distortion
  3. Setting of 1st stage distortion
  4. Jumper to deactivate the treble suppression filter
  5. Adjusting the G3 string volume
  6. Adjusting the B3 string volume
  7. Adjusting the E4 string volume 

This pickup allows you to adjust the volume of the G3, B3 and E4 strings relative to other strings. It is an improved equivalent of a mechanical solution using pole pieces (screws) on the pickup. This allows you to adjust the volume balance between braided and bare strings.