Our company R.M.I Production has more than 25 years of experience in the production of electronics (especially measuring devices and sensors) and in the production of the necessary mechanical parts. 

When we developed an electromagnetic sensor that was later never produced, we happened to realize that it could be used as a great pickup for an electric guitar. That is how it all started and over the next thee years we got to our R66Mk6C sensor, XFrame system, and production of complete guitars. 

We make guitars and pickups driven by the desire to produce something new and not commonly available on the market. Therefore, you will never find standard guitars and pickups in our selection. If you are interested, we will produce your guitar made to order and individually set the price by agreement. We have prototypes available for testing which can also be borrowed under certain conditions. 

Production is performed on a Volter CNC router for maximum accuracy and repeatability. After completion of finishing work (grinding, etc.), the surface treatment is carried out in cooperation with Josef Vebr ( ).

The necks are custom made in the U.S.A. at company PST Guitars ( ). Finishing of the headstock shape, surface finish, grinding of frets and adjustment is performed again by Josef Vebr.

Guitar pickups R66 are manufactured by our private company R.M.I Production.

After final assembly of the mechanics and electronics, the guitar is inspected, adjusted and tested. 

Thank you to the following, for their help in the development of the guitars and pickups :

  • Josef Vebr ( )
  • Oldřich Rokyta ( )
  • Mark Stadnyk ( )