XFrame System

The picture shows the pickup mounting detail - EMG 81X on the left, R66 on the right. The pickups are easily accessible without removing the strings and can be replaced with a pickup of the same dimensions by removing the connector and removing the two Inbus M4 screws.

Pickups can be adjusted in height and side, the bolts are easily accessible from rear side (Inbus M4). The sensors are firmly fixed and do not wobble, as with conventional frames.

EMG® Solderless System

  1. VOLUME - 25k volume potentiometer
  2. BRIDGE TONE - potentiometer of active tone control (bridge pickup)
  3. NECK TONE - potentiometer of active tone control (neck pickup)
  4. R66 GAIN - setting of R66 pickup distortion
  5. ABCX (Active Balance Control) - active mixer for adjusting the ratio of neck and bridge pickups (advanced replacement of the classic three-position switch)

Rear side of the guitar

The cover on the rear side of the guitar is magnetically mounted for easy access to the electronics and pickups. This is necessary for R66 pickup setting by the user and to replace the sensors or modify the wiring of the electronics.